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Located at 22-km Shiraz–Isfahan, Shiraz Oil Refining Co, was designed with a capacity of 40,000 barrels per day. Crude oil is transferred from two sources, GachSaran petroleum reservoirs through a 10-inch pipeline, 230 km in length as well as from Sarvestan reservoirs through a 10-inch 110 km pipeline. Planning and construction of Refinery were started in 1349 and ended in 1352 when it was put to service by Iranian engineers and experts.

Units of the Refinery include: Atmospheric Distillation, Vacuum Distillation, Visbreaking, Naphtha Treating, Catalytic Reforming, Kerosene Unifying, Hydrocracking (Isomax), Hydrogen Production, Liquefied Petroleum Gas Production, Naphtha and Amine Treating, Sour Water Treating, Waste Water Treating units as well as Utility and Storage units.

Major products of Shiraz Refinery consist of: LPG, Gasoline, JP4, ATK, Solvents, Kerosene, Gas Oil, Fuel Oil, Vacuum Slops, Iso Recycle, Asphalt and Sulphur. The various products of the Refinery are offered to the market after passing through multiple tests at the versatile laboratory of the company ensuring compatibility with standard specifications of Iranian Oil Refining and Distribution Company. With long years of operation and through hard work and perseverance of all the personnel, significant modifications were implemented in order to increase the capacity and improve the quality of the production which resulted into a 50 percent boost in capacity up to 60 000 barrels per day additionally feeding on gaseous condensates from Dalan reservoirs through an ۸-inch 230 km pipeline. This success, in turn was joined by the production of a brand new range of products answering the needs of the country.

During the imposed war, Shiraz Refinery which was considered as one of the main targets of the enemy was air-raided several times leading into huge damages to the plant and martyrdom of a couple of sacrificing personnel. However to tackle the need at the front lines of the war, Shiraz Refinery was immediately put back to full capacity service by patriot refiners to maintain a non-stop production. Today, following the large-scale policies of the nation, producing standard petroleum products and using the latest technology Shiraz Oil Refining Co. has been able to take ground-breaking steps through operation modifications, product quality improvement, reduced energy consumption and elimination of pollutants. Moreover during recent years, SORC has succeeded in implementation of management patterns and systems and been awarded with several international certificates in ISO-9001, ISO-14001, ISO-18001 and IMS fields.

In addition, in 1380 Shiraz Refinery was chosen as the Green Industry of Iran, in 1383 won the National Award for the Equipment Construction in the Petroleum Industry and in 1384 the National Iranian Commitment to Quality Award. Also in 1388 the company was honored with the INQA Quality Award and in 1390 titled Superior Company in the Oil Industry of Iran. Undoubtedly with the help of God and through the endeavors of the company`s personnel new horizons and greater achievements at national and international levels will not be far away.